Frequently Asked Questions

In fact, nobody has asked these questions because our service has been so good! Anyway, we guessed what some of you might like to know. If you do have a question then please contact us and we will add the answer to the FAQ.

What size file can be uploaded to your server?
Your files can be up to 500MB in size
How long will files stay active?
Your files will be available for long as you need them. However, there is a 60 day inactivity timer. As long as your files are accessed at least once every 60 days then they will not be deleted.
Which files are allowed on your server?
You can store any type of file except scripts that could accidentally be run on our server. For example: .pl .php .phps .py .htaccess .htc etc.
You may still store these files if you archive them first.
Are files uploaded to Your File Store safe?
Yes they are. Nobody can access your files without the download link that is provided after the files are uploaded.
What if I have forgotten the download link?
You will have to contact the original owner of the file. We cannot regenerate or resend download links.

Report Abuse

We have no responsibility for, and are not affiliated with any file hosted on our system. The contents of any file hosted on our system does not represent the view of the owners.

We have strict rules about the files that we allow to be uploaded. Please check our Terms of Service for details.

If you have any concerns about any file hosted on our server then please report the details to us using this form.

Disallowed File Types

For security reasons we do not allow certain files to be stored on our system. These include but are not limited to those listed in our FAQ. If your file is a script or an executable you can ensure that your file can be stored safely by using one of these archiving programs: 7-Zip, WinRAR, WinZip

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